Friday, April 18, 2008

Nothin’ But Photos...Low Tide Run/Walk

Kim’s penance for running back on the beach? No pretty photos of her...

As for the rest of us–Don’t we look like we’re having fun?

Alberta makes a Friend - Running with Paul at the Low Tide Run last Saturday

BBJ - Makin’ his way to the next water station. I swear he’s listening to the lyrics...or He’s wondering what Wilma bought at “The Slumber Party...”

I was walkin’ up the hell...I mean hill at Torrey Pines until I saw the camera...then I started running (Seriously!)...I mean, how cruel is that--to be taking photos at the top of a hill?

Remember...It’s not the destination...Little does Betty know that she’ll spend the week practicing the alphabet!

ELSIE - Seriously considering the merits of NOT running next week, so that she can pick out tile and fixtures for the house...hmmm.

Oh yeah, I am supposed to post a story from Tuesday’s track practice...something about running for the barn, rolling in the hay, or riding horses (or maybe all three!) as well as an assortment of horse-related comments (all of which Elsie and Betty pondered at length as they ran our 800s), but I can’t remember any of it... I’m sure they’ll fill us in though...


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