Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hip Report and Diversions

First...thank you to all of you who have been sending positive vibes and energy toward me and my tricky-icky-hip. I really *heart* all my friends (blogging and non-blogging). I find it wondrous and amazing that I have this community of peeps who are really-fo-sho-real friends. I had lunch with my sister today and at several points found myself telling her stories that involved "this friend in South Dakota, or in Iowa, or in Minnesota, or in LA, or in Canada who...blah, blah, blah." She probably wonders how I know all these people around the world.

OK...gushiness aside. Today's hip report is about the same as yesterday's...that is--no change so far. I was beside myself with grief today when I woke up. Somehow I thought that I'd wake up and the hip-fairies would have come in the middle of the night and magically taken all my hip-pains away. Imagine my disappointment when I got out of bed this morning and my first step on my left foot was felt in my hip-joint...GAH!

I do have a picture of the bag-o-peas in my pants

OK...its a picture of me with a bulge on my hip. Really my hips are not quite that lumpy; that's what it looks like when you have a bag of peas stuck down your pants. What EXACTLY were you expecting?

So...I'm a little sad, but optimistic that the hip-fairies will come tonight. (I'm being Peter-Pan like and saying over and over, "I do believe in hip-fairies. I do believe in hip fairies"...maybe if you all say it with me, they'll arrive in the middle of the night and fix my could happen.)

Sooooo....since I needed diversions to keep my mind off of my hip, we went to the beach yesterday. We had some relatives from NoCal in town, and since it's 85ยบ in January here...the beach is the place to let me tell you the ocean water is cooooooooold, but kids don't care.

DramaGirl, Turbo, and friend playing on the beach. Nice surf yesterday.

Relaxing in the sun (Turbo, DramaGirl and N0Cal Girl)

In other diversions. The SDTC has some photos of the last two week's runs. Here's one of me yesterday, before the popping incident.

See...look how happily I'm running...GAH! Not a pain in the world.

BBJ and I had a good giggle after our run when we learned that when doing squats or lunges "if your butt's in the air, you're doing it right." Food for thought.

BBJ made a new running friend this week... I hear she told him LOTS of good stories...

Finally. Meet Scotty, the newest member of our running group

Scotty has a REALLY interesting way of making new friends. (Oh and thanks to BBJ for pointing out the photo to me. I'd completely missed it the first time through)

I'm hoping to hear from the sports therapist tomorrow...

Finally...a huge congrats to all who ran in today's PF Chang's 1/2 and full marathons. I'm looking forward to all the race reports.


  1. Dang girl you've been busy since Friday! Man I'm sorry to hear about the hip :-( Sounds like it's very painful.

  2. I will cross my fingers that the hip fairy will visit tonight!

  3. Aw, well maybe it is just a "rest a week" kinda thing? Bummer!

    And I still don't know when I crossed the line between "Who cares if the ocean is freezing? It's the ocean! I'm going to go frolic!" to "Oh My God, is the water temperature below 75 degrees? I don't think I can take it!"

  4. I don't think I would care if the water was cold! It's 85 degrees and sunny. I think I need to come out for a visit this January...

  5. I'd gladly give you one of my hips for one day on that nice warm beach!

  6. Yikes, your hip popping doesn't sound OR look good at all! HOpe it gets better VERY soon!

    Oh and I talk about my blog friends from all over the country and my husband is always like, "who"?

  7. Keep that bag of peas close to the hip!!! Get better soon!

    You made me laugh and laugh at your comment on the Shirt that Races...OMG....a headband, now WHY didn't I think of that!!! LMFAO...

  8. I hope the hip starts treating you better!

  9. If you see the hip faries, send them my way. I need to be less gimpy. (I was really lopsided at Saturday's run, did you see my pics?? Ugh!)

    Hang in there and see someone about that bag of peas in your pants.


  10. Took me awhile to figure out your comments function now. First, be sure to stop by my blog and read Saturday's post in which I picked you as a Fabulous Blogger.

    Next, get thee to an M.D.!

  11. Did the hip fairies come??? I am hoping that you're on the mend soon. LOVE the peas in the pants LOL.

    You look so happy running in that pic. I am so jealous of you So Cal peeps, although I did get two powder days this weekend in VT.

    Keep up posted in the hip.

  12. oh dear! sorry to hear about the hip. very good idea to keep it iced. hope all is well soon.

  13. *hip fairies* *hip fairies* *hip fairies* did they come? did they come? and what did the sports therapist say????

    I ever thought that your hips were that lumpy!!

  14. Without really knowing what's going on with your hip, but having suffered through what sounds like similar problems many, many, many times (I'm a slow learner), you might just have a tight muscle somewhere. I get tight in the hips and eventually if it gets really bad it spreads to the soft tissue in my back. I learned some great stretches for the hip (that you have to do gradually if you're really tight like me). But it also covers the hamstrings so your getting double action. E-mail me if you want more info.