Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shit, Shit, Shit...

My run this morning with SDTC did NOT go as planned, and now I sit here with (my favorite) bag-o'peas-ice pack on my hip... I'm FREEKING OUT because I'm afraid that I may have really hurt myself... I shoulda taken yesterday off...GAH!

Here's the scoop. Got to the track club workout a couple minutes late. The herd is in Tahoe, but I found BBJ pretty quickly. (BTW: I learned on Tuesday night that BBJ does NOT enjoy being goosed from behind as a greeting...who knew? So I withheld this morning...But I digress). Anyway I stretched w/BBJ and since we were chatting, I took off running with him in the "B" group (these people run something like 8 to 9:30 min miles, which I do not, but they also have longer runs, which I wanted to do, and I don't care about running at the back of the pack).

Anyway, BBJ quickly left me in his tracks, but I was cruisin' along. I was feeling really good. My right achilles has been bugging me lately, but not this morning. My left hammie has been calling my attention to its presence, but not today. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, for no reason at all, I feel this "pop, pop, pop" in my hip.

"Oh" I thought, "that's sorta an unusual feeling" but since my joints typically pop and click and settle in the first couple miles of all my runs, I wasn't too alarmed, although I will admit that this popping and clicking was very different than normal.

So, I slowed down a bit (from about a 10:30 pace to about an 11:00 pace) and kept running....still feeling some residual...well...I don't want to call it pain, because it didn't really hurt, per se, but I could FEEL IT in my hip every time my left foot hit the asphalt.

At a mile and a half, it did it again...which is when I started to really freak out... I though of Irene and how she fractured her hip last spring. As I've written before, I live in perpetual fear that at some point I'm going to get hurt and have to quit running (Sorta paranoid, but that's how I am). So today, I did something I haven't done in a really long time. I stopped running. Then I turned around, and walked back to the start. Again, feeling it in my hip every single step of the way.

I talked to Coach Paul about it. He made one of those faces that you really don't want to ever see when you're a runner. I wanted to see the "oh, just rest a day or two. It's no big deal." But he made the squishy "oh that's not good" face.


So. I've left a message for a sports therapist, and hopefully, I'll get to talk to him soon.

I'm so sad. Carlsbad is in 8 days...

I'm hoping that if I just stay off it for the week, it'll be OK...


  1. good luck! I've been trying to recoup lately and have been lucky to find stretching, strengthening and some good anti-inflamatories do the trick

  2. You know -- I think I have injured myself the week or two before every freakin' "important" race I've ever trained for. Ugh! I hope it's nothing serious. Keep us posted.

  3. I hope for good news for you. Don't mess around, do what they tell ya to do! Races come and go, our body is only here one time-take the time to take care of it :-)

  4. I'm hoping it's one of those freak occurrences, and you'll be fine in time for Carlsbad.

    I'm also glad you've contacted the sports therapist.

    I've been to hell and back and I'm still running. I know. I'm a freak.

    Take care.

  5. i know that squishy face and I totally understand that paranoia you have over injuries.... i'm the same way. Good luck, i hope it's nothing serious... keep us posted! {hugs}

  6. keep icing! I sure hope that some rest this week will fix you right up!

    I'll be thinking positive thoughts!

  7. Ok...try not to freak out!!! I know it's hard...but try, have a glass or two of wine sit down with a bag of peas and ICE your hip! I've only had hip flexor issues(once) and it hurt! I don't know where your pain is so I can't really help. The best thing to do, I think, would be to rest all week and see how you feel on saturday!! I had to cancel the NYC marathon the first eyar I got in because of an injury-so I have been in your shoes, but I ran it the next year...the race will ALWAYS be there!!

  8. Finger crossed and keep the bag of peas on it!

  9. Oh no! I hope it turns out to not be a big deal!

  10. Take it easy this week. You have trained enough so don't stress that you are not going to run this week. Ice, relax and stretch....Tell your body that this just is not fair and that it better get its act together because we are all counting on it to perform!

  11. Relax rest ice.
    Hope it gets better!

  12. UGH - 'pop pop pop' is not a happy sound but hopefully it's nothing major!

    Hang in, rest up and keep us posted!

  13. Oh no. I'm hoping for good news from the sports doc!

  14. Yes, I agree with everyone rest, rest, rest. Hopefully it is just inflamed from the training and you will be able to do Carlsbad, but if you need more rest take it. There are plenty of other races, but you only have one hip.

    Well, ok, you have two, but I am pretty sure you need both. ;0)

    Take care!