Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Not Gonna Lie...

It doesn't suck living here...

The cost of living and housing is pretty rediculous, but it doesn't suck. And yesterday, I decided it was worth every penny.

It's been a busy/crazy week. I'm trying to get five different syllabi ready for all my classes. My mother has some health issues, so I'm going to go to Vegas next week to see her and doctors. A deficit of time and (mostly) money are causing me to NOT go to the annual heffer-Tahoe event this weekend (yes, the herd will be in Truckee, CA...if you're in the neighborhood, the Tour d' Truckee will probably take place on Sunday the girls a bev, wontcha?).

Also, there's this...on Tuesday night I went to the SDTC track workout. We did strides and calistentics. I had my iPod in my back pocket and I must have scrunched it somehow when I was doing situps, because this happened.

How sad is that? The screen is white with just a couple of black spots...GAH! Remember that time and money issue I was speaking of...I've got neither one to deal with this...

THEN, perhaps because I'm just a tad stressed about all these things (and a few more), I consumed about 40,000 calories in comfort food, snacks, and other crap on Wednesday...

So, yesterday morning I decided to NEEDED to go for a run. Lisa wrote on her blog about some running therapy at Lake BP, so started by heading off to there. As I was driving, I though to myself..."Self, it would only take me about 7 minutes longer to get to the bay, let's go run there instead!"

When I got to the bay, I thought "Self, let's just go run on the boardwalk."

So I did...and I won't lie. It was BEE-U-TI-FUL. Go, ahead and throw things at the computer cuz you're sick of me waxing on about the loveliness that is this January in San Diego... I can take it. YOu should all move here...really...I did...

And of course, I'm posting a few photos (because it's Photo Friday!). I don't know that the iPhone camera does them justice...

Another seagull...this one is not giving me the stink-eye...

The beauty of January...South Mission Beach sans thousands of people

Actually, there were a fair number of people on the Boardwalk for a Wednesday morning--mostly seniors, mothers with strollers, what appeared to be college students, and probably college professors, none of whom have started classes yet. The run absolutely made me feel much better and less stressed, even though I did a Penny, and started running north (sun to back) and finished running south (sun in face).

5.04 miles
55:35 minutes/11:01 mile

This morning I ran at Lake BP. Not much to report, other than the run was much more difficult and I walked some (why is that?). I did figure out how to use the lap button on my Garmin so that I could mark my mile splits. (duh! push the little button that says "lap"). Is there a way to get it to mark laps automatically, like every mile? I'm sure one of you Garmin experts knows how to do this.

4.11 miles
47 minutes/11.28 mile
Mile 1 - 10:52
Mile 2 - 10:50
Mile 3 - 12:25 (yeah...that's when I walked for about 1/4 mile)
MIle 4 - 11:19

It doesn't add up to 47 minutes because it also includes the last .1 mile that I walked. doesn't suck to live here...which makes me feel better about the other stresses in my life. I'll be running with the SDTC in the morning. The schedule calls for an 1:15 minute run. I probably should have rested today, but the therapy was necessary.


  1. That really sucks about your iPod. Note to self: don't put my iPod in my back pocket. I am sorry you are having a rough time, too. I sure hope that things turn around for all of us.

    Yep... this weather is heaven. I am going to run a loop on Sunday that includes Mission Bay AND the boardwalk. It is my favorite and I can't wait. I always run the boardwalk from South Mission to PB. It sucks coming back. One of these days I'll park in PB and run the other way.

    I am glad that you could fit your running therapy into your schedule. Sometimes you just need it, eh?

  2. Ahhh. Great pics of a great therapeutic run.

  3. It sure is worth the money to live here, that's for sure! Great job with the running. What kind of Garmin do you have? I'm interested but I have a really small wrist, so I'm scared it won't fit me.

  4. Ahhh, I really enjoyed the pictures today, being as I started my day at -2 degrees!

    Umm, yes, my Garmin marks the laps automatically. I remember setting it up (along with auto-pause) right after the first time I ran with it, but it's been a while.

  5. No, it doesn't suck to live in SD, at all!!! And well, it's not too bad up here in NorCal, either. Sorry to hear about your iPod Nano... (I have the same model and color, btw!)And yay for a beautiful run!

  6. We do pay to live in California but I wouldn't move anywhere else. I'm just enjoying this lovely weather while it's here. It won't last forever, this we know.

  7. You haven't started back to class yet? Lucky!

    Sucks about the iPOd and your mother's health issues, but the run does look like it was beautiful!

  8. I have to say that it doesn't suck to live here where I live either! Just have to be "creative"! What to do in -14 degree weather??? Read blogs and sit on Facebook!
    Hope all goes well with Mom.....

  9. Alice - we are going to miss you! You are an original HEFFER and we'll save your spot for next year! Take it easy and rest a little this week - don't overdo it!

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes. It sooooooooo does not suck to live here!

    The reason why the run at LBP was harder is because you ran at the beach the day before. Not enough recoup time.

    Bummer on the Ipod.

    I hope your mom will be OK.

    Have you noticed that word verification words are close to actual words? This post was "Twerily," although not a real word, sounds kind of cool.

    Any way... See you at the long run on Saturday.

  11. I agree. The weather has been scary gorgeous lately. I am glad you got a great run in.

    Sorry about the iPod. I know how you love to kill, um... I mean love to use your Apple products. ;o)

    I am still working with my 1st generation, 2 GB, no video Nano.

  12. What a bummer about the iPod. Things like that are just a pain in the rear. I hope everything goes well with your mom and the docs.

    I am BEYOND jealous of your fabulous weather.

  13. Yep. Sometimes running is just the thing we need. I felt that way yesterday when I was finally able to get in a nice, hard, workout and it felt great! (even though I had to do it on the treadmill and it was -40 degrees outside and all the roads were like ice rinks and... well, you get the point!)

  14. It does look beautiful there! Sorry to hear about the crappy things going on. Your mother is in my prayers.

    Somehow, someway, you are going to have to swear off putting things in your back pocket!

  15. Running therapy is SO NECESSARY!!!! I as you know am a big fan of it!!!

    I personally am not happy with the weather. but as you know I'm that silly person who lives in So Cal who doesn't like sun!!!

    Can't wait to see all of you next weekend!!

  16. Sounds like some good runs. Sorry about the ipod.

    Yes your garmin can track the miles, but I forgot how. It is in the directions...