Friday, January 2, 2009

My First Fo-Sho Photo Friday

Deene made a comment a few days back that maybe I should try some cross training (since I was whining about my general lack of motivation for running), so yesterday we started off the year with a family hike up Cowles Mountain. It was a pretty good climb. I wore my Garmin, which reports that the trail was 1.5 miles up, and 1.5 miles down, and about 1000 feet (ascent and descent)...whew!

Now, I'm not much of a hiker. This is probably due to my incredibly-out-of-shape past, thus DramaGirl and Turbo are not much into hiking either, but we had a wonderful day. So, at the risk of alienating those of you who are in cold places, I'm going to post a few pix from the day AND I'm going to remember to post a comment on NikeMom's website (which I forgot to do last time...details, ah the details!)

Another view of Lake BP

Turbo with walking stick plays air guitar

DramaGirl and Turbo reinact a Star Wars Scene (what else would a brother/sister team do with sticks in their hands?)

DramaGirl and me on the trail (with lake BP in the background)

We made it to the top
Some comments about the hike:
  • Uphill was actually pretty easy.
  • Because I have incredibly short legs, climbing up the rocks was not so easy, but doable
  • Although I don't hike, I do own trail shoes, which were a godsend. I saw people in tennis shoes sliding all over the place.
  • It was pretty crowded. Apparently, there are lots of people who start off the new year with a hike up the hill.
  • The views were wonderful.
  • I'm proud of DramaGirl for going all the way to the top with me.
  • There were some people running the trail, which I find incredible. Like I said it was pretty steep, rocky, and boulder-y (is that a word?).
  • Going downhill was waaaaaay more difficult than going uphill. My quads were close to shaking by the time we got to the bottom of the hill.
So, I do think I'll be adding in the occassional hike as part of my new cross-training program. It was nice to get out there with the family and a nice way to start the new year.


  1. That is awesome. Great job on the hikey-poo. Great pics too, fo-sho. LOL. Return hikes sound like a great addition to your training regimen. I am super jealous. Happy new year.

  2. love the photos...and the drama girl.

    I have one of my own :)

  3. Great job on the family hike! The pics look amazing!

  4. Nice work and a great way to cross train. Love the pictures. The kiddos look like they are having a blast.

  5. You'll be running it before you know it! ;-) There is a neat trail on the other side of Cowle's Mt that is much less crowded. You can got there from the north end of Lake Murray blvd or from Mission Gorge (I think).

    It sounds like a wonderful day. Good thing you went yesterday instead of today. It was so beautiful yesterday. Today...brrrrr.

  6. i got to see the brown finisher's shirt! Awesome job on the hike, and nice view!! :) Great start to the new year!

  7. Great job on the hike! Love the pictures.

  8. I've just signed up for the track club BUT where are they meeting tomorrow morning????

  9. What an awesome way to start the New year! Hiking or running trails is totally different but awesome!

    I'll email you when i'm back in LA!!!

  10. I see people running up and down Iron Mountain in Poway too and wonder how they do it without tripping everywhere.

    I think it's wonderful you did a family hike for the new year.

  11. Ooooooohhhh what a fabulous day!! Man, I haven't been hiking in fo-evah but I remember the same thing about the descent (quad killer) I wanted to DIE the next day HAHA

  12. Great way to start the year! Awesome pictures too. Happy new year!

  13. Happy New Year!! What a great day that looks like. Cowles is alway a fun thing with the family.

  14. Cowles is always fun with the family....Happy New Year