Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shhhh....there's a football game on

There's a football game on right now...but since we're not really hosting an event, I'm not paying much attention...although I am guessing by the sound level in the house that the Chargers are not winning. *

That being said, I am having a nice glass of wine right now anyway.

It's been quite a weekend. Here are the bullet points.
  • Saturday morning - Betty and I ran 4.45 miles with the track club. BBJ and Scotty were also there (we'll need to come up with a pseudonym for Scotty. At some point, I suspect we will). For me, it was a great run.
  • Last year (and you're going to have to endure LOTS of last year/this year comparisons for appologies)...anyway, last year I ran less than 3.5 miles in 40+ minutes; this year Betty and I ran 4.5 miles in 48 minutes...and we made it to the second water station. I didn't even know there was a second water station.
  • Last year people talked about running over the second bridge. I didnt' even know there were bridges on the route. This year, Betty and I ran over the first bridge...and back. It's going to be a fun season seeing what a stronger runner I've become in since last year.
  • Yesterday, I had to go straight from the run to present at a workshop. Again, I did this one time last year and could barely move through my presentation. This problem. The worst part of the morning was that I forgot to bring a Luna or Clif Bar for breakfast, so by about noon, I was STARVING (not really...but pretty hungry nonetheless).
  • Last night, I went to Wilma's "candle party" which was a euphamistic way to invite a bunch of women to a party that showcased various "toys" ...yeah there were candles for sale, but there was other stuff as well. We annotated a catalog for giggles. That's all I have to say about the event other than I had fun, laughed a lot, but I didn't take any pix.
  • This morning, I ran 10 miles (1:53:16) with Betty, Mik, Alberta, & Elsie (although Elsie ditched us to hang out with her calf and grand-calf). This was my last "long-run" before Carlsbad. I'll run about 6 miles next weekend with the track club.
  • Mik, who was in Honduras for a week, told us that termites taste like carrots, a fact that I'm happy to know second-hand, but I don't think I'll ever experience first-hand.
  • This morning was a little warmer than it's been recently, so I may have gotten a little dehydrated toward the end of the run. But I have no complaints. I live in a great place.
After the run, Alberta (in green), Mik (in black), and Betty (standing) recover by sitting on the curb. Alberta's sister joined us.
  • After the run, I dunked my somewhat sore achilles in a 47ยบ pool, which works just as well as ice...but I wasn't brave enough to go up to my ass in the I used the bag 'o peas method to ice my glutes (which continue to ache after all runs).
It may look nice, but that water was cooooooooooold!
  • I admitted to Mik and Betty that I could see myself getting completely caught up in the hoopla and signing up for another marathon at the end of the SDTC training season. It's not my goal to run a marathon this May, but I could see how it could happen. All things being equal right now. I'd rather get through the training season and then run the San Francisco 1/2 Marathon in July than the Rock and Roll Marathon on May 31.
* I reserve the right to change this part of my post at some point if this fact changes before I hit "publish post."


  1. I'm running the SF Half.....come do it with me!!!

    Yeah, I should have known the sun would kick my ass, but heading south wasn't what I had planned ie into Redondo north I went and south I ran into the sun. God I hope it's overcast in Carlsbad. i may be the only one hoping for that!!!

    Great run you all did. I wish I had come down!!! It would have been a bit easier running with people. I missed my girl Velcro

  2. What a weekend. Sorry about the game, but hopefully you enjoyed that glass of wine.

  3. Last year I like reading your blog and this year I do too. You make me laugh the same if not more as last year.

    Sounds like a good plan but the plan I like is using the pool as an ice bath., well for the legs. I vote for a full body ice bath, hehehe!

  4. It is so much fun seeing improvements from last year to this year! I agree. To run farther than last year, to weigh less than last year, to this, to that. It's all good! Great job on the runs!

  5. With 1/2 the country covered in snow CA is the best place to be!

  6. Too bad the Chargers got creamed, sorry!

    Nice job on the runs!

  7. oooh it still looks amazingly nice even if the water was cold.

    (go steelers :))


  8. OMG Girl!! YOu didn't take ANY pics at the "candle par-tay"?!? You know how excited I get over that kind of stuff :P

    And BTW . . .the word verification for this comment is "comer" :P

  9. I enjoy the comparisons, believe it or not. And, I'm with Viv- I liked your blog last year, and this year, yup still like reading your blog!

    Here's to gains over last year in every area besides weight!

  10. I liked the fact that Alberta and Alice continued to run throughout the parking lot because their GPS devices didn't say "10 miles" yet! I'm sorry - but my thighs, hammies, butt, and sweat to the bottom of my shirt said 10 miles completed when I returned to the car! You both are so dedicated!

  11. We didn't wake up in time to trek out to the run. Ah well. Next week I'll be there for sure! See you then!

  12. You and Penny heading up my way in July, eh? I don't do many road races these days, but maybe I'll have to think about that one.

  13. Sounds like a lot of great running. You are getting a lot stronger and faster. GO YOU!!

    I am so jealous that you have so many people to run with and that your face/lungs do not freeze when you run outside. Gotta love San Diego. :-)

    I cannot wait for your Carlsbad race report. I vote for the marathon if you're feeling like you want to do it then go for it although a half in SF would be fun for sure.

  14. Great improvements. You should be so proud.

    Hope the wine was good, even though the game wasn't!