Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Recap & a race report of sorts

I've never really tracked my monthly mileage before, but the Garmin makes it pretty darn easy (sorta)...I gotta figure out how to track my treadmill mileage more accurately.

Here are my stats:
Run (outdoors) - 56:45
Run (treadmill) - 5.25

The treadmill run mileage is an estimate...I have one Nike+ workout recorded which sorta corresponds to one of runs saved in the treadmill memory, plus there is one more short run I'll go with those numbers. Come to think of it, I don't remember running much on the treadmill this month and my quick review of the Hefferblog supports that claim in that there's not much of me complaining about running with Dread. Sooooo

January Run - 61.70
January Bike - 11:31

Yep...those rockin' bike miles all came from today because while Mik, Alberta, and BBJ ran the SuperRun 10K, and while Betty and Elsie ran on the bay, I rode around the bay on my bike.

I don't have any fancy sort of touring bike. I have a pretty standard Trek street/trail bike. It's a nice bike and all...but it's not meant for speed.

This is what I learned about me and biking today (and I have TONS to learn about biking)
  • Biking was gentle on the hips. They didn't hurt at all during or after the ride.
  • Biking is hell on my ass.
  • There is a whole different set of muscles involved in biking. I haven't recently used some of them. I suspect I'll know more about that in the morning.
  • I don't sweat as much when I bike as I do when I run.
  • My toes FROZE...what do you bikers do to get your toes to be warm? Do I just have my feet on the pedals wrong?
  • It felt great to get my heart rate up and just MOVE...sitting around and "resting" for a week was starting to wear on me.
We got a REALLY early start this morning. The track club was meeting at hour before the 7:30 am SuperRun started. Betty wanted to get there even earlier because she needed to talk to Coach Paul before the race, so I picked her up at 5:45 and we were at the start of the race at East Mission Bay as the race volunteers were setting up.

It was dark.

Betty...searching in the dark for Coach Paul...Even he wasn't there THAT early...the good news is that we were the first ones to use the porta-potties! A real thrill!

Betty explained to me that If I held the camera above our heads, we would stop having double chins in our self-portraits...who knew? I learn so much from that woman...I swear!

Mik and Kat showed up as the sun rose.

Since Elise wasn't running the race, Betty and I drove over to the west side of Mission Bay so they could run together and I would ride my bike. I decided to run around the entire bay...about 12 miles...I knew that if I rode around the bay, there was a chance that I could see some of my track club friends as they came off of Fiesta Island...

Here let me post a map so this all makes sense.

I'm not sure why it looks like I was riding in the middle of the bay, but it sorta gives you an idea of where I was...

I stopped riding at Fiesta Island (which doesn't show up on the map, but it's about where the I-5 symbol is) for a couple minutes to see if I could find any of the herd...I had really good timing.

BBJ finished in 50:32...AWESOME.

Mik and Kat screamed past me.

I don't think Mik ever saw me, and Kat only saw me at the last minute...They also had great races (Mik = 55:46 and Kat = 55:16)

I didn't get a picture of Alberta, but she came in at 59:51 (official). She said her Garmin time was around 57 minutes. I'm so proud of her (and a little jealous...).

After I saw my friends, I continued on my ride and took some photos of the bay and the new walkway that's on the Seaworld side of Mission Bay. It was quite lovely.

After our runs and rides, we all met up at World Famous for breakfast (and mimosas). For some reason I didn't take a picture of the group (I mean how many shots of us eating breakfast and drinking mimosas can I really post?).

I hear there's a football game tomorrow... Hope whoever your rooting for wins!


  1. I'm watching the Super Bowl for the commercials and the socializing time. Oh, and all the food!

    Nice job on the bike ride. Bikes kill my ass too!

  2. Well they do make shoe covers for biking in colder weather... The wind through your shoes can defintely be chilly!

  3. You always look so happy in your photos. Thanks for the photo tip on double chin reductions. If only life could improve with a new viewing angle.

  4. I'm so glad you got out there and rode! I'm sure it made you feel a tad better than not doing anything!!! You can always show pics of breakfast and mimosas!!

  5. I highly recommend the "maxi pads" for toes I used to run with....toe warmers...but do they sell them out there in the land of sunshine and warmth????!!
    Such a nice pic of the blue sky...I can't wait to get my ass on my bike again!

  6. HAHHAAA SO THAT is why everyone does the above the head shot?! I NEVER knew. See it's good that I have you ;-) I always hated the double chin thingy too. Bleck!

  7. It was great to see you there before the race. :)

    So... What muscles are sore today?

  8. Good job finding an alternative workout besides running. At least you could be there for the race and get around besides.

  9. good job on the cross training, your legs will thank you.

  10. Nice Jan numbers!!!

    And great race photos!! It looks WARM where you are!!

  11. I saw a HUGE hoard of people by Mission Bay off the I-5 as we were driving down for our run at Harbor Island on Sat! That was you all! I've heard of World Famous before but never been there, I think I gotta go! And I need a Garmin.

  12. Great month. You have the best pics.

  13. Looks like you had a great month! I have said it before and I will say it again....i am so jealous of your winter. Your race photos make me dream of spring and life without snow.

  14. Alice - you rock! Running, riding and managing us all! Thanks for the mimosa's - it's been a while since we've had a "two bottle" after-run mimosa party at World Famous!